But almost

It’s a little after 2 AM right now.

Unexpected changes to my work schedule not only had me working yesterday on my day off, but have me going in at 7 AM today, and this has further altered an already weird sleep schedule – I’ve had a few hours, but not enough, and I had just finished some writing and was about to head back to bed. And then I heard the thunder.

First time in months. It’s been unseasonably warm out there, warm enough for no jacket at all, and while I knew I shouldn’t, I still checked outside to see the conditions with the idea of chasing some lightning pics if possible. It wasn’t – it’s pouring out there, and while I can handle that aspect of it with shelter and rain covers, rain will obscure any lightning except that right on top of you, when you shouldn’t be out shooting anyway. So instead of going to bed I’m writing a quick post ;-)

For years, like many people, I treated my job as important, and if something photography-related, or even just indulgent, would interfere with my work schedule or adequate sleep so I wasn’t dragging while in work, I’d forego it. But as it’s been said before, no one ever laments that they should’ve spent more time at the job, and even with no sleep, if I’d gotten some decent lightning pics, I’d be happy – grumpy from being tired perhaps, but still happy (I’ll let you figure that one out.) So while I still take my job seriously, dog knows why since it ain’t doing much for me, I’m gonna take the photo ops that arise, because in the end, I’d rather have those.

I’m sorry, on multiple levels, that I don’t have any pics to illustrate this.