Last one?

Coming back from dropping some stuff off at the shed, very early this morning (like, two AM, because I’m me,) I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye (because I’m me,) and stopped to investigate. Which of course, made me go up and get the camera. No, I do not carry it everywhere, and don’t try implying that real photographers always do. It’s creepy to take it into the bathroom, for instance.

Anyway, my unexpected find.

juvenile green treefrog Hyla cinerea partaking of a warm evening
Okay, not entirely unexpected, since this has happened before, and it’s 18°c out there right now, hardly dire conditions, so the possibility remained in the back of my mind even though I gave it a low likelihood. But yeah, typically the green treefrogs (Hyla cinerea) have found a place to snuggle in and conserve energy until spring, long before now. This juvenile wasn’t looking at all groggy, honestly, and soon hopped further off, multiple times, to get away from the glaring light of the headlamp and the old man grunts and joint-clicking that accompanied my getting down to this angle.

Will this be the last one for the year? Well, given that we have less than two days left, it seems likely, but it’s also unseasonably warm, so I’ll only place a small bet on it. And when I say, “last one,” I mean ‘treefrog’ and not ‘posts,’ because there are at least two more posts coming up. But you knew that already, because you know the schedule – sorry, it didn’t need explaining. However, another project has been finished and I intend to show it off here soon, and we’ll see if that happens before the close of the year. Isn’t the suspense thrilling?

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