On this date 5

snow in fronds of pampas grass
This one goes back only six years (next week’s will be worse) to 2014, one of the January storms that are fairly common for North Carolina; if we’re going to have only one decent storm, it’s generally in January. So far this winter we have had none at all, not even a smidgen – I think a couple of flakes blew around one day for a few minutes, but that was it. We’ll just have to see what happens – previous predictions, including The Girlfriend’s that it always/usually/often/occasionally snows ten days or so after a winter thunderstorm (some Farmers’ Almanac thing I believe,) have all petered out.

With a decent enough snowfall, things can get a lot more picturesque, but there are a few factors that can prevent me from taking advantage of this: no good light following, no good landscapes or compelling subjects in close proximity, and of course, a distinct reluctance to chance the conditions of any particular road solely for a ‘good photo’ – I guess I won’t ever make it big on Instagram. North Carolina does not rank among the best states in adequately clearing the roads during and after a storm, and few of the vehicles that I ever have access to are good winter choices – because we rarely have serious winter here in the first place. So if there’s a chance of bad driving, I just stay home. My first car, after all, was wrecked during a blizzard in New York.

Thus the pic from our own yard. Compelling, timeless, expressive, captivating? No. Interesting? A tad fartistic? Maybe – that’s up to you to decide. But taken on January 29th, so it fits the bill today.

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