Branching out

bare branches against sunset sky over Jordan lake
Not gonna say a lot about these, because it’s a little hard to type right at the moment, but here are a couple of pics from Monday’s sunset and Tuesday’s successive sunrise – not too often that this happens for me, except at the beach sometimes. These are both local, however. The sunset above was from Jordan Lake, looking in much the same direction that the little sliver of moon was seen a few posts back, and sunrise below was from the pond nearby. The branches just seemed to work for both of them, so here we are. But I also liked the little added touch of the ‘smoke’ wafting from the ‘fingertips’ above; really just a jet contrail, which is why I prefer sunrises because the jets usually aren’t active then, but it kinda worked here, unintentionally.

bare branch against sunrise sky the next morning

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