On this date 6

unidentified yellow wildflowers
I actually had a lot of images to choose from with this date, except… all of them were from last year only. It would appear that February 5th had not previously been a time when I’ve been out shooting. So we have one of many varied images taken on the same outing related here, after Jordan Lake had proved too unproductive and Mr Bugg and I had switched over to the NC Botanical Garden. Therein, some variety of local wildflower was already blossoming, so I did a few frames – most of the other choices were represented in last year’s post.

I did try to identify these, by the way, but the resource that I’ve used in the past showed no clear matches – I suspect it’s a member of the primrose family, mostly from the four petals, but that’s more guess than, you know, brilliant botanical knowledge…

Regardless, here’s some yellow if you need it. Next week’s entry, however, will show that February is a wild-card month. Betcha can’t wait.

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