Many birds, one mammal, two… things

And now, we return to Beaufort, but only in the bloggy sense, because we’re still right here vegetating in front of the computer. Because I know you’re not doing something insanely silly like trying to view this on your toy smutphone…

The day we arrived was ridiculously rainy, but in the late afternoon it stopped without really clearing, so all we did was grab a meal and do a little read more

Tripod holes 52

N 26°20’19.30″ W 81°48’17.66″ Google Earth location

This one isn’t so much to show you a great place for photos, though it may work in that regard most of the appeal is the sky though, which can occur anywhere. More, this was another of those self-challenges that I get up to, seeing if I can pinpoint a location that I visited just once in passing.

I’m pretty read more

Tripod Holes 43

N 25° 6’31.47″ W 80°18’23.91″ Google Earth location

There’s a lot to unpack with this one, so here goes.

First, this may, or may not, be the correct location I had no idea where we were at the time, but clues indicate that this is the spot. It was on a touristy snorkeling trip off Key Largo, Florida, and I recall the dive operator saying that only read more

This evening, even fartsier

Again, sunset looked promising, so to the neighborhood pond I went. Again, sunset didn’t live up to its promise, so I chased a few other pics while there.

Notably, the bats were active, and while I had only the 18-135, I got a couple of frames that worked. You get to decide which crop works best for this one, though – vertical?

Or, horizontal?

I was just winging it (heh!), read more

My kind of summer weather

So, really last night now, we were receiving warnings of dire storms to pass through the area, with conflicting time frames, but I was ready for them regardless. I’m fine with sunny clear weather, and even lightly overcast days, because each has their own light quality for different subjects, but when the weather itself is a subject, good bracing storms are a lot more fun. Not too read more

A break

After three days of near-solid rain, including a horrendous downpour while we were getting dinner last night, the sky suddenly cleared, mostly, and I went down to Jordan Lake out of curiosity, mainly to see how much higher the water level was. Surprisingly, it barely appeared higher at all, so either they kicked out the stops down at the dam end, or most of the water in the area read more

Wasn’t all birds

Just a trio of images from the same outing last week, when I wasn’t concentrating on birds. Grab shots, as it were.

I don’t know what the tree is, but I liked the angle of the branches in the light of the setting sun. Would have liked a little more buffer space around it, but as they say, you take what you can get, and Photoshop the rest.

A large group of kayakers, much read more

A lot of bird photos

On an outing back, once again, to Jordan Lake (we’re in a rut) this past Friday, the bird activity was higher than it’s been all year, so far anyway, but unfortunately a bit distant. I shot a very large number of frames, but probably better than half will be discarded too much of it was either trying to snag the actions of a distant subject that couldn’t be seen read more

Tripod holes 18

N 34°51’19.93″ W 76°19’6.58″ Google Earth Location

This one’s a little fun in that, if you go to the location, it’s not technically there anymore. Well, it is, but storms between the time this was taken and now have radically reshaped the islands, and what was once inlet is now mid-island. Not only that, but reaching it takes a lot more effort.

This came from read more

A low bar

As mentioned earlier, Friday’s outing also produced some sunset colors – more so than normal, but that’s not hard to do in this region of NC, at least. Somebody set the ‘Clearing’ setting for the sky to ‘Sunset’ and so the skies are typically wiped free of clouds at about that time. This time around, the cache was a bit slow in emptying and there remained read more

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