Just because, part 34

I should be working on video editing, or even sorting, but I don’t feel like it. Plus there’s this thing about the number of images uploaded for March, which is gonna be a pretty big number, to a four-year old anyway.

So another handful of pichers, without a lot of exposition.

large collection of turtles sunning themselves on log
It was a warm and sunny day yesterday (totally unlike today,) and the turtles were taking advantage of it. This was shot from quite a distance off with the long lens, because I knew they’d bail as soon as I got even a wee bit close. I was right.

But these guys hung out a little longer, allowing me some more fartistic frames.

trio of pond sliders Trachemys scripta on snag with reflection
It would have been better on a perfectly still day when the water wasn’t rippling at all, but this isn’t bad, and it’s rare that we get those kind of wind conditions, at least not with good light – it occasionally happens first thing in the morning.

It took a slow approach to net the next photo too, and the entire time I was being watched warily.

pair of double-crested cormorants Phalacrocorax auritus on pilings
These are double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus,) so named because during breeding season (so, for like six weeks out of any year) the males develop two lines of white feathers on their heads. I have yet to ever see this, despite the hundreds of cormorants that I’ve found, so either I’m seeing an awful lot of females, or there’s a mighty big hoax going on. But I still like the double portrait, and the fact that the eye-color can be discerned. Soon afterward they bailed on me too.

And finally, the wisteria is in bloom, great hanging bunches of lavender flowers (just not lavender flowers,) and so I inject a little more color into the post.

wisteria blossoms in closeup
That’s all.

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