On this date 55

“What? I thought we were finished with that!” you say incredulously, but I just calmly reply, I never said anything of the sort. You just assumed that I’d be done at the end of the year, but you know what they say about assuming…

But I had to do this one, and was intending to do it even before the ban came down. Let’s see what was happening seven years ago today.

long-haired Al Bugg hopefully not doing what it looks like he's doing
Wait, hold on, who’s that hippie? Can it be? It is! It’s the Improofable Al Bugg during our first outing! I have to admit, I’m pretty sure this is the only time I’d seen him with hair this long, but don’t credit me – I didn’t say anything.

But—… no. I mean, I hope not, though it sure looks like he’s chimping there, doesn’t it? We’ll put it down to using the LCD screen as a viewfinder to compose the image, especially since this was our first outing and he had yet to hear from me how much of a bad habit this is. Now of course, after seven long, tedious years of listening to me drone on, he not only wouldn’t use the LCD as a viewfinder, he wouldn’t dare chimp, unless it was absolutely necessary.

Would he?

Addendum: Just over a day before this was to go up, I had gone back and found a post where I talked about meeting with a new student, with photos from that outing – the same batch that the one above came from. Only, that post was dated the 29th and referred back to the 27th. The date stamp on the photos, however, was the 30th, which is why I set this up to post today. On occasion, I forget to change the camera clock to reflect the Daylight Saving Time horseshit, but three days off? Got me. Anyway, here we are.