Profiles of Nature 8

newborn Chinese mantis Tenodera sinensis hiding among azalea blossoms
This week we’re getting acquainted with Mordecai, part of our Street People series, candid slices of urban blighted hellscape. Mordecai is a member of the “Mants,” a gang that holds sway over the Azalea Bush On The Right, and takes no shit from anyone; he’s been known to spray-paint trite, unoriginal designs onto walls where the cops can’t see him if anyone even rolls their eyes at his manner of dress, that’s how badass he is. He’s proud to tell anyone that he doesn’t care what they think. Frequently. But when we got him to open up a little, we found that he’s actually quite talented, adept at bending paperclips back into original shape and not getting his crotch wet when he does the dishes. In his youth (well, more youth,) he persevered until he memorized the titles of every Schoolhouse Rock short, which certainly took a lot of Saturdays. Among his pet peeves he lists, “Putting the knife edge-side out on a place setting,” and, “People that pay any attention at all to personal trivia.” Mordecai is wont to inform listeners that, when the shit was going down, he was right in the middle of it, not realizing that this is all usually meant figuratively. His favorite spin is 32h.

Join us next week – you made it this far, you might as well find out if it really can get worse!