Podcast: Criticism

I have a small confession to make: I recorded this back in February with the intention of posting it as March’s monthly podcast, and so set it aside. And forgot about it – after a little time had passed, I largely just remembered it as having already been posted. Then the 2,000th post was coming up (“For dog’s sake, will you quit harping on about that?”) and I had that project/goal to finish for it, so naturally that had to be a podcast, and I was in the middle of that when I realized that this one had never posted. No big deal, really, and it allowed me to update the music, but you can ignore the point in there where I say that it’s still winter…

So let’s delve into criticism – how to receive it, how to give it, how to embrace it, how to deny it, how to get all huffy about it. Well, a couple of those, anyway.

Walkabout podcast – Criticism

I think the best thing to remember is that good, useful criticism isn’t about ego, or opinions; it’s about reaching goals. That’s what we should aim to give, and try to encourage or prompt when receiving.

Blue Ridge mountains on hazy day
This is an example photo, plus I just needed an image for the post. But I can name several things that I like about this frame, and several things that I don’t – some of which I had no control over. Not everyone would agree with them all, and some people might introduce aspects or ideas that never occurred to me. All of that would be guidance towards the next time that I’m faced with such a vista.