As good a time as any

So, on this date fourteen years ago came the very first post on the blog. And I realized, at the beginning of this month, that another milestone was coming up, so I made sure to have them converge: this is the 2,500th post itself. I have to admit that no one’s congratulatory cards have arrived yet, but I’m putting this down to the holiday rush – I’m sure they’ll be along any day now.

Shelving that for the moment, I figured it was time for a podcast, since we’ve had so few (like, one) this year. Plenty of other stuff, mind you, but only one podcast. Two, now.

Walkabout podcast – That’s 14 down

Some of the accomplishments this year:

The (so far) longest gap between visits

Woodpeckers, first mention (though I did get a peek at one in February)

Woodpeckers, confirmation of the nest

Woodpeckers, first video compilation

Woodpeckers, second video compilation

One of the young adult woodpeckers

The first indication of beavers

The first images of the beavers themselves

Further, with some video

Still more of the beavers, with some great behavioral clips

The nutria clips, so now you know what they are.

Possibly the first day out of the nest for the juvenile green herons

A brief anole video, though the violent territorial dispute that I mentioned was two years ago instead.

In fact, I uploaded 14 video clips this year, so that’s been expanding nicely.

We’re letting you know because this is liable to be on the quiz, but the 2,000th post was 21 months ago. That’s, let’s see, off the top of my head it would be an average of 23.8095238089 posts per month in that bracket – somewhere around there, anyway – and should that rate continue, it would put us at the 3,000th post in September 2024; I predict it will be September 24th, just for the sake of it and to use the <sup> tags one more time.

But yeah, that’s enough harping on a meaningless number. It was a nice recap excuse, though…