March like a little bitch

looking down the center of yellow tulip blossom
Did you get that whole, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, or vice versa,” bullshit when you were in grade school? Are they still pushing such folkloric nonsense on kids instead of some beginning critical thinking? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, good! I mean, with the whole March thing – if you have no idea what I mean by critical thinking, just… keep it to yourself, because I don’t have the strength to deal with that right now.

Anyway, it’s the end of the month abstract, posting a little late because I forgot about it last night – was working on other things and set it aside. We have two entries today, to reflect the whole meteorological intransigence of the month – and then we’ll look at some chicken entrails and read the bumps on our skulls. The first is – can you guess? – a tulip blossom on the back porch, because I (almost) avoided the daffodils this year. You know how everyone says, “Oh, look, a tulip!” – but tulip is the name of the entire plant; what you see here is the blossom. Feel free to correct everyone about this from now on.

Meanwhile, I cropped tighter to accentuate the whole ‘mouse ears’ thing, as if Mickey was bright yellow, had six eyes and a popped collar…

Let’s just move on to the next.

almost-bare branches silhouetted against stormy sky
When the vicious, life-threatening storm was rolling in, I saw a patch of odd-colored sky out over the neighbors roofline, framed by two trunks and making the tree branches stand out distinctly, so fired off a couple of shots. This resolution lets us see that they were just starting to bud out, so again, appropriate for the month, expressive and poignant and, I don’t know, ineluctable of something. It’s fart – it deserves adjectives. The thing is, I remembered the colors as more distinctive and atypical than what appeared in the frame once downloaded, which probably only shows that my eyes were adjusted for the rest of the sky, since what initially showed up in the image was very common stormy blue-grey, so I tweaked the colors and saturation just a tad to represent what I thought I was capturing. It still has that kind of sheet-metal, silhouette art frame look to it, which is what struck me as I saw it, and your task is to fill in each open space using only four colors and ensure that no two adjacent spaces are the same color. That should keep you occupied.

And be sure to inform small children that March comes in with some kind of weather, and goes out with some kind of weather, which may be different or may be the same, just like every other month. Let’s not take up brain cells with goofy shit – we’ll need them to remember song lyrics.

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