Already on it

killdeer Charadrius vociferus skimming across water at sunrise
Someone – I can’t remember who – suggested this morning that I should work on my art. They don’t know me very well, of course, because I don’t do ‘art.’ However, I will get fartsy from time to time, and they were far too late to tell me about that, because I already had a selection of frames collected this morning. Above, a killdeer (Charadrius vociferus) skims the water’s surface at sunrise, catching a little light through the primary wing feathers.

While below, stationing myself at a preferred location as the sun was about to rise allowed me to play around with specific positioning as it appeared.

sunrise over Jordan Lake against stone stack and sapling
The stone stack was not mine – I just shamelessly used it. I will take credit for staying the hell out of the water so the surface remained smooth for the shot, though.

This, by the way, puts me one over for the ‘post for every day’ personal challenge for August, so it’s a bonus, really, and the images kinda abstracty to boot. These make it 102 pics uploaded for the month – not a record, but well above average, which is not bad for how uninviting the conditions were. I’m cool with it.