Somehow, not bothered

Working on several outdoor projects the past week or so has made me realize how badly I need a sweatband, and so, I sat down for a moment to see what I could find online. I didn’t realize it would indicate how much I was out of touch. You see, I was picturing the sweatbands of my youth, simple fixed-width bands of elasticized terrycloth, usually with some sportswear or equipment logo on them.

complete tool with asinine sweatbandI didn’t realize that sweatbands had become so fashionable, and truth be told, I really don’t need anything that covers my entire forehead, just something to stop the sweat from dripping into my eyes and across the glasses. It does not help in the slightest that the models that they choose to show off this new accessory are complete and utter tools. Oh yes, I can certainly see Brylon here working on his car (no, no, it’d have to be a Vespa scooter) or digging trenches in the yard. Just by association, I don’t want one of these. Listen, I don’t sip mocha lattes between working on my kick-flips, I don’t spend time trying to shape my scraggly-ass teenbeard, and I don’t need some kind of hipster-kerchief – I just want an absorbent band above my eyes. It goes to show how far behind I’ve dropped with the current and vogue whathefucks, and yet, I don’t regret this in the slightest. But I’m likely going to have to just make my own sweatband, or at least go looking in the vintage shops or something.

Though while I’m here, I’ll throw down another recent photo, because I kind of mentioned this in the previous post. The day after that one, I glanced up at the same downspout to be greeted with this:

green treefrog Hyla cinerea and Copes grey treefrog Hyla chrysoscelis peeking from same downspout
Not just two treefrogs at the same time, but two different species; green treefrog (Hyla cinerea) on the bottom, Copes grey treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis) on the top. Most likely, this is the stakeout scene from some kind of amphibian buddy-cop movie, right before they narrowly miss capturing the baddies just to build the suspense for another forty minutes and establish more of the main characters’ backstories. That’s what it looks like to me, anyway, experienced naturalist that I am…

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