I’m just sayin’…

… that the Leonids meteor shower will be peaking on November 17th, but it’s going on right now. And in fact, it’s better to try and catch it before peak, because presently the moon sets early and the best time to see meteors is after midnight, so the skies are better the earlier you try. By the 17th, the moon will be about full and not set until 5 am or so.

The constellation Leo, the point of origin of the greatest percentage of the meteors, is to the east-northeast and in fact rising after midnight, so at least distanced from the moon a bit and growing higher as the early morning progresses. From my experience, you might spot something in any direction, so aim for the darkest spots you can.

Be aware, there are a shitload of satellites up there anymore, so unless we get a really active storm this year, any streaks on your images are much more likely to be satellites than meteors – sad but true. Stellarium is pretty good about plotting these now, and easy enough to go back and compare if you keep track of where you were aiming the camera. As for picking a spot and/or times when there are no satellites to pass through the frame? Yeah, good luck with that.

But seriously, good luck with it if you try at all – I’m still making the effort from time to time, dog knows why, since my luck has been pathetic, but perhaps one of these days I’ll be back with a decent pic.