Profiles of Nature 44

pair of snails, seriously just snails, Angusina and Zebedee
And here you were thinking that even if the Profiles won’t stop, maybe, maybe, something cute would be featured. Pitiful.

This week we have the mother and son vocalists of Angusina and Zebedee, on the set for the music video to accompany their new release, “WAE” – quite possibly not the best topic for a family duet, but we don’t judge. Actually, we do all the time, but we claim we don’t so we don’t get judged. Angusina and Zebedee started out in their church choir, but heroically overcame this crippling handicap to actually develop some talent; their pastor angled to get a cut, unsuccessfully, and now angrily preaches about the sins of “ignoring one’s heritage.” Meanwhile, Angusina and Zebedee have vowed (well, Angusina vowed – Zebedee just kind of grunted,) not to let fame go to their heads, and aim to keep it around the middle abdomen where it doesn’t affect balance so much. They maintain equal status in the decision-making process, even though Zebedee is young enough that he has trouble with his ‘th‘ sounds and still says, “pasketti,” which we never understood because that’s much harder to say than, “spaghetti” – are parents teaching this to their kids to be cute or something? But this means that their contracts often specify creative control and 10% of the gross, and some Legos. They’re both adamant about never lip-syncing in concert, saying that only belongs in the recording studio. Their harshest critics are of course the ones that studied Music Theory in college but still can’t play an instrument, the ones that think Zappa was a musical genius and not just trolling everyone, who are only heeded by those presently studying Music Theory. Angusina reluctantly admits that her favorite name for a paint finish (but not the finish itself) is ‘eggshell,’ while Zebedee firmly states that the type F-1 (Alt “B”) freeway interchange is the best, because the type F-1 (Alt “A”) is simply doodoo.

Still 2021, so still going on every week – we might even keep this up all decade! Won’t that be fun? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….