Xanthic Monday

Yes, it’s the thirteenth anniversary of the very first post here on the ol’ Walkabout Public Display of Narcissism, and I thought to myself (because who else am I gonna think to?) How do I make this special? And then it occurred to me that I should do something I’ve never done before.

I noticed some time back that I’ve never had a post that began with “X,” out of (presently) 2,228 posts. I even managed a “Z,” not even halfway to this point, but no “X.” So it was time to correct that.

rising yellow full moon with reflection in lake
Of course, it helps a little if you know what “xanthic” means.

yellow azaleas, maybe
Contrived? Well, naturally. Listen; you try even listing six words that begin with “X,” and then see how to work them into a blog post. I’ve been considering this endeavor for a while now, and this is the best I came up with, because I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say about xylophones. But now I can cross this goal off my list.

yellow jagged ambush bug
This particular image was in the running for a Profiles of Nature post, but seeing as how there’s only one left in the year…

bright yellow fungus on well-worn stump
This one’s a slide, over twenty years old now, but the contrast was nice.

yellow sky and clouds over beach at sunrise
If you don’t know what “xanthic” means and you never bothered to click on the link provided, you’ve probably still figured it out by now.

goldfinch - okay, this is a reach
Okay, yes, I was busy today, and you’ll see at least a portion of that a little later on, but hey – I posted, so throw me a cookie at least. Even better, I kept it under 300 words, which is less than most Profiles, so that should be worth another cookie. Don’t be stingy. Or just congratulate me on my accomplishment, at least. We all like recognition.

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