Happy Two’sday

It’s 02/22/22 (or perhaps 22/02/22 if you’re unAmerican) which makes it Two’s Day, or maybe only Twoday – who knows? – and so, to celebrate something totally meaningless, we have two versions of a photo for you to consider. To subvert the entire idea, you can only pick one as your favorite.

This one I’ve had sitting in the blog folder for, gosh, it’s been eight years! Except I decided twoday to use a bigger version in honor of the number 2. I also took two dumps this morning, so you know I’m into it (and fiber.)

pair of Canada geese Branta canadensis on ice
Just so you know, I titled this one, “My god I’m gorgeous,” when I created it, and it was back to back with the one seen here, originally titled, “My god I’m not.” Neither got used in posts around that time, but now they both have, so all is right with the world.

And so, the second version, playing with color channels again:

same image in Blue channel only, with contrast adjustment
This is only the Blue channel now, with Red and Green being deleted, but I also boosted contrast selectively, which brought out the textures much better. Normally the Blue channel is the worst choice when doing this, but in this case it was clearly the winner. I also got a little lucky with the setting, because the gap in the background trees meant both geese were faintly ‘highlighted’ in the reflection of the blue sky, which became enhanced here. The ice was smooth enough in the right location to provide a reasonably unobscured reflection of the foregoose too, so, yay.

Yeah, you know what? We have to do two photos with two versions twoday. And in like vein, we’ll stick to two colors.

pair of Caribbean flamingos Phoenicopterus ruber in greyscale
Yeah, I know, it seems sacrilegious to feature American/Caribbean flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) in greyscale, but we’ve seen them in color before (or at least I have) and RGB is three colors, which we’ll feature 11 years from now – or maybe not, because there is no March 33rd. But we’re not letting it go at that of course.

pair of Caribbean flamingos Phoenicopterus ruber in combined Green and Blue channels
We’re back to channel clipping, only this time it’s two channels, Green and Blue – Blue was a bit two dark, Green two low on contrast, so this is Green on top with 37% opacity to make it absolutely perfect – no buts, now. Though go ahead, pick your favorites without any influence from me.

And just now I realized that I should have posted this at 22:22. Maybe I’ll post it a second time tonight…