Will it work?

Ah, that’s the question, isn’t it? It’s taken a lot of prep work so far, and initial experiments have proven that the concept is sound, but will it pay off? We won’t know until at least tonight, possibly later.

At least none of the prep work will be wasted if the experiment fails, since it can all be used elsewhere. And it hasn’t cost me anything, except reducing my stock of adhesives slightly; all other materials were already on hand.

The experiment itself will provide at least a couple of answers, even if it’s, “You only have one shot every hour,” or, “You’re going to need more sensitivity than this.” I’ve already ruled out one lens, and in fact dug out an old, failed lens because of a specific trait.

Am I going to tell you what this is? Of course not – that would ruin the surprise if it does work. If you think waiting for a subsequent post is frustrating or something, bear in mind I’ve been meaning to get to this for well over a year, and in fact an initial image has been sitting in the blog folder since, let’s see… damn, it’s dated April 12, 2020! So, longer than I thought. Most of that is, of course, simply saying to myself that I’ll tackle it later on when it’s slow, but a little time here and there was spent hashing out methods in my head. Last night I finally made a few tries, and you may see the video shortly.

But anyway, something’s coming, though I yet don’t know exactly what.

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