Monday multichrome

pink azalea blooms
Justa buncha pics, celebrating spring – little exposition, so the TL;DR crowd can have their safe space too. These azaleas are from the expansive lawns at Walkabout Estates.

Meanwhile, these aren’t big enough to show off much yet, but it’s a sign that the ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) that The Girlfriend bought last year is doing fine.

new buds on ginkgo biloba tree
She just purchased another of these this past weekend, a dwarf variety that may remain potted on the deck.

We can’t have April without another appearance of these little flowers.

flowers of blackhaw viburnum Viburnum prunifolia
But this time, I can tell you what they are, since you’re old enough now: they’re from a blackhaw viburnum (Viburnum prunifolia,) which seems far too harsh a name for the pleasant little tree, but parents can be cruel.

But enough about the expansive yards here. How about a couple of photos snagged before meeting with a student?

red Japanese maple leaves against blue sky
This Japanese maple was backlit in places, so I maneuvered around until I could get a nice contrast of the colors, then cropped down pretty tight to concentrate on just a handful of leaves. If you stare too long you’ll burn out your red and blue retinal cells.

And then, considerably less color, but still cool – today’s favorite.

exposed tentacly roots of unidentified tree
I don’t know what this tree is right now, but I’ll find out. And I can’t determine why I like root systems such as this, but it’s probably something suppressed from my childhood that’s best left unexamined.

Man, I didn’t even break 250 words – whoops, there we go!