Just because, part 47

Nothing really to say here, just a couple of pics from ‘today.’ Too much like other recent pics, but that’s life – I have other subjects in the works, so something new will be along at some point. New-ish, anyway.

Carolina anole Anolis carolinensis basking on Japanese maple
I found a Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis) basking on the Japanese maple out front, except that it’s no longer the Japanese maple out front, but one of three. We probably should name them or something, but it’s the oldest, at least. So you know. After a few typical perspectives, I sidled around to do more of a head-on view through the leaves, and liked the effect. I’d seen this one a few days previously on the same tree, so it’s residing in the vicinity, at least for the time being.

Out back, a green treefrog (Hyla cinerea) was spending the day in the ginkgo, except that’s one of three now too, though the others are dwarfs and potted.

green treefrog Hyla cinerea tucked in tight to ginkgo Ginkgo biloba tree
The frog had changed positions slightly throughout the day, but this was clearly the best, and the best perspective – you have to appreciate talent like this. The frog’s, I mean, not mine, though if you want to appreciate my talent there’s no stopping you.