Much the same, but bright at least

So, it’s more of the same images that I get every spring, because they’re all on Walkabout Estates, but it’s what I could get today and it’s cheery, so deal. It’s not pics of food or me dancing in a halter top, you know? Okay then.

One of the azalea bushes out front is in full bloom, while the other, which is right alongside, the same species, and planted at read more

And take your year with you

So here we are at the end of the month, and somehow at the end of the year – at the exact same time too, who’da thought? I admit to shooting extremely little this month, and even less that could be considered ‘abstract’ that I did not, thoughtlessly, already feature. I did toy around with freezing soap bubbles again when the temperature dropped low enough, but was not achieving read more

Just because, part 47

Nothing really to say here, just a couple of pics from ‘today.’ Too much like other recent pics, but that’s life – I have other subjects in the works, so something new will be along at some point. New-ish, anyway.

I found a Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis) basking on the Japanese maple out front, except that it’s no longer the Japanese read more

Monday multichrome

Justa buncha pics, celebrating spring – little exposition, so the TLDR crowd can have their safe space too. These azaleas are from the expansive lawns at Walkabout Estates.

Meanwhile, these aren’t big enough to show off much yet, but it’s a sign that the ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) that The Girlfriend bought last year is doing fine.

She just purchased another of read more

Past midnight

Last night, the rains finally came through, mostly sideways, and it’s safe to say we’re saturated now. The treefrogs were signaling their approval even before it started, while remaining mostly out of sight (yes, even to me,) but they prompted me to go out after it stopped, just barely into this morning now, and look around a bit. I got no photos of the frogs, but found a couple of other read more

The real May abstract

For reasons unknown, I had it in my head yesterday that we were in June, with only thirty days, and thus had to post the month-end abstract yesterday. After midnight, a glance down at the date/time bar on the computer screen reminded me of my error, which I was willing to let go until I spotted a better abstract while sorting images just now. The blog auditors will be wondering read more