Whaddya want? It’s free

Posting has been slow this week, entirely because I’ve been buried in projects and the only things that I’ve found to photograph (up until just a couple hours ago) were all the same things I’ve been featuring way too much of. My assertions, even just internally, that I’m going to branch out more haven’t really been working, but as I said, I’ve had other things to do. Some of those have been working out pretty nicely, so while they’re not producing any content that anyone else would have an interest in (he says with astounding accuracy,) I’ve been pleased with my progress. Hell, if I felt I was obligated to maintain regular content for you guys, I’d be no better than those lame-ass influencers and social media yutzfucks. Basically, no new content means I’m bigger than that.

[Was that slick or what?]

Still, tonight netted me some interesting photos and video clips, so more will be along, but there’s a two-factor delay. The first is, I want more stuff to flesh it out some, so I’m waiting until further sessions produce what I need. Second, I need to upgrade my Vimeo account to host more clips, and I’m stalling on dropping the money. That’s typical, though; new purchases or expenses usually wait until the next paycheck/student/commission/successful mugging, avoiding impulse buys and balancing out income and expense to a small degree. It won’t be long.

Until then, a bare peek at what I snagged – this is, of course, not the best that I got, because drama, but at least you know it’s not a frog or lizard.

North American beaver Castor canadensis approaching in water