Go find a turtle

profile of Aldabra giant tortoise Geochelone gigantea at Greensboro Science Center
Getting this out early to let you know that today is World Turtle Day (for realsies, cross my heart,) so go out and find yourself a turtle – it should be warm enough throughout most of the US to spot one someplace. Or if you don’t want to do that, you can always donate to the turtle rescue or protection fund of your choice, or teach someone about turtles, or make those little chocolate-and-peanut thingies – whatever works. That link may provide some ideas if you need any.

Neither of these images were taken today, because this is posting in the wee hours, but I intend to get out and see what I can find myself, so watch this space for further developments. Though since the posts display ‘newest first,’ you’ve either already seen what I’ve found, or you need to come back in a little bit. Either way, it’s your chance to get something better than I did, perhaps even before I did. You won’t, of course, because this is me we’re talking about, but you can still try.

Enjoy the day!

pair of eastern river cooters Pseudemys concinna concinna in Eno River

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