Forgot to mention

Tomorrow is World Turtle Day, so be sure to do something for, or at least about, the turtles. No, not the 60s band, but real live turtles, tortoises, terrapins, and tugantros.

yellow-bellied slider Trachemys scripta scripta sunning itself on snag, with reflection
I have more than a few turtles from the past couple of weeks to feature, if I find nothing else tomorrow – we’ll just have to see what appears. But you’ve had at least a little warning for this one, enough to call in sick anyway. Even if you can’t, you can at least regale your coworkers with various turtle tidbits (by this I mean trivia,) or if that fails, you can always mimic a turtle at work or in traffic. Don’t forget to urinate copiously on anyone that attempts to pick you up. For authenticity.