Gotta stop planning

Yes, it’s World Turtle Day, still for a little while anyway, and I did indeed get out chasing turtles – in two locations, even! Yet, I did not quite accomplish what I was hoping for.

Let’s start with the actual, bona fide turtles from today, which wasn’t too impressive. The yellow-bellied slider (Trachemys scripta scripta) above doesn’t quite count, because read more

Forgot to mention

Tomorrow is World Turtle Day, so be sure to do something for, or at least about, the turtles. No, not the 60s band, but real live turtles, tortoises, terrapins, and tugantros.

I have more than a few turtles from the past couple of weeks to feature, if I find nothing else tomorrow – we’ll just have to see what appears. But you’ve had at least a little warning read more


Well, I did get out to chase turtles for World Turtle Day, and I present proof:

Hey, listen, even I’m saying, “Really? This?” But here’s the deal: There are tons of turtles in the neighborhood pond, which is no challenge at all, so I figured I’d make the effort to photograph a species that I hadn’t seen in a while, read more

Go find a turtle

Getting this out early to let you know that today is World Turtle Day (for realsies, cross my heart,) so go out and find yourself a turtle – it should be warm enough throughout most of the US to spot one someplace. Or if you don’t want to do that, you can always donate to the read more

Almost went by me

Today is World Turtle Day, which I only discovered by reading Why Evolution Is True just a few minutes ago. As such, I am ill-prepared, and can only resort to a photo from a few days back for something current.

Curiously, these might be Florida cooters (Pseudemys floridana) based on the habitat and their faint markings, but I wouldn’t confidently inform any investors read more