Not even 24 hours

rising moon with 'ring' line of clouds
Man, I didn’t even make it a full day with an empty ‘Sort’ folder before adding to it, and I’m far from done for the evening. People tell me I’ve got a problem, that I “need to seek help,” but that’s nonsense – I can quit any time I like.

Just not right now – there are more images to capture. Can’t let someone else get them while I don’t. Plus it’s just photos; there are worse addictions out there. Not like this even is an addiction. There’s no comparison really. It’s a waste of time to even discuss this.

No, this is not the eclipse – it’s just after moonrise, with some handy little clouds to add character. Would you have passed this up? Okay then…

By the way, conditions are still up in the air (Ha!) It’s not clear what the clouds are going to do in the next few hours, so decent pics are far from guaranteed. We’ll just have to see…

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