Visibly different, part 54

Okay, not all that visibly different, really, but it’s not my fault.

We begin with the full moon at 10:12 PM EDT last night.

“Last night” being a little over five hours ago, but basically, before the start of the penumbral lunar eclipse – use 02:12 UTC 03/25/24 if you like. Yes, there was a lunar eclipse this morning (actually, it’s still going on as read more

Sorting finds n+7

Just a couple, but with a bonus that’s truly exciting and interesting, I can assure you.

[Hopefully, the critical thinking espoused herein has helped you not to fall for that feeble little tactic, if you weren’t already immune to it.]

Anyway, the fuzzy moon:

When I first examined this sequence of moon shots, I was magnifying to full resolution to determine which was sharpest read more

If you’re not doing this, why not?

So we did our thing for Halloween last night (or Hallowe’en if you want to be pedantic in an enormously stupid way, because who makes a contraction like that anyway?) and I have to tell you, we won’t ever stop doing this. I’m referring to All Hallow’s Read (or is it A’allo’ead?) read more

Wasn’t all birds

Just a trio of images from the same outing last week, when I wasn’t concentrating on birds. Grab shots, as it were.

I don’t know what the tree is, but I liked the angle of the branches in the light of the setting sun. Would have liked a little more buffer space around it, but as they say, you take what you can get, and Photoshop the rest.

A large group of kayakers, much read more

More than six

A lot more. Ahhh…

With the sky bright but showing some hazy clouds and the first full moon of the year about to rise, I decided that I needed an outing, and headed down to (of course) Jordan Lake. There’s a spot on the causeway where both moonrise and sunset can be seen easily, so the only switching that I’d have to do would be, at worst, sides of the road. But read more

On the waterfront

I mentioned taking a trip recently, which was to Washington, only not that one, and not that one either, but the one in North Carolina – the first town to be named after George Washington, as they proudly proclaim. Well, not the whole town, or really anyone living there that I heard, but on a plaque in a park, anyway. Washington sits on a river delta read more

Not even 24 hours

Man, I didn’t even make it a full day with an empty ‘Sort’ folder before adding to it, and I’m far from done for the evening. People tell me I’ve got a problem, that I “need to seek help,” but that’s nonsense – I can quit any time I like.

Just not right now – there are more images to capture. Can’t let someone else get them while I read more

Not too shabby at that

Why yes, I was out early this morning in pursuit of astronomical shenanigans, to see if our impish little moon was playing hide-and-seek. Well, there was no uncertainty about that, since we’ve possessed the knowledge of orbital mechanics since before we called a hashtag a pound sign – it was definitely going to happen. But there remained the question of whether I read more

On this date 42

Like I said last week, not a lot to work with, since I really hadn’t shot a lot on this date. To be more specific, there are only two years (in the digital folders, anyway) that have entries, and one’s pretty sparse.

In 2008, we had a full moon, and apparently clear skies where I was. I was shooting with the old Sigma 170-500 on the original Canon Digital Rebel, otherwise read more

Stormy season

Just a quick note, but there’s another meteor shower peaking soon, this time the Perseids, supposed to reach maximum on the nights of the 12th and 13th. I tell you this mostly to point out that, yet again, the moon is going to be too bright to make much of them, being damn near full those nights. I’m going to have to sit down and calculate how often either a) the moon has been too bright, read more

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