March breaks all the rules

herring gull on warning marker on foggy morning
Maybe, anyway. I can’t remember if I had a specific rule that the end-of-the-month abstract had to be shot within that month, or if I only tried to keep it that way. But I don’t have any abstract images at all from March, so we’re going with February instead. However, I will see if I can snag one before the day is out (the schedule is not looking kind at the moment,) and thus fulfill my unspoken and perhaps unofficial promise.

This is another from the dense fog, and I have a related series that I may put up as an animated gif (pronounced, “prezn”) later on when I get around to putting it all together.

On a faintly amusing side note, last month I realized that I had not done a month-end abstract for February of 2017, and corrected that with an additional frame shot during that month. Just recently, I found that the March entry for last year also corrected that oversight – with the same damn frame. Listen, I can’t remember every friggin’ thing I do on this blog…