Sneaking in here and there

laughing gull Leucophaeus atricilla in winter plumage taking off
I just got back from a brief beach trip and have a few things to feature, but may not have a lot of time in the next week (while I get even more photos, perhaps,) so posts will come along as I find time. For now, we have what is likely a laughing gull (Leucophaeus atricilla) in winter plumage. The problem is, this particular species not only has different plumage between summer and winter, but different for the first few winters as well, plus a lot of similarity to other species of gull. Yet, I know they’re the most prevalent species on the Outer Banks and saw the others that were hanging out together, so I’m fairly comfortable that I have the right species at least. I just liked this image for how sharp it was while capturing the launch.

More on the way.