On the recent trip to the Outer Banks, we didn’t have a lot of time and the weather was still a bit chilly from the cold snap only a day before, thus I didn’t get a lot of photos. However, there was one sequence on the beach (somewhere near Salvo) that deserves some attention, especially since the lens stayed locked on in focus throughout most of it despite the hectic nature. We were read more

Sneaking in here and there

I just got back from a brief beach trip and have a few things to feature, but may not have a lot of time in the next week (while I get even more photos, perhaps,) so posts will come along as I find time. For now, we have what is likely a laughing gull (Leucophaeus atricilla) in winter plumage. The problem is, this particular species not only has different plumage between read more

Just imagine if I’d had more time

Insofar as illustrating a manuscript goes, this image isn’t a very good fit, but I happened to like it and it was among the first images that I got for this session, so here it is. This is a black vulture (Coragyps atratus) looking down on us suspiciously as we slipped in underneath.

The “us” in this case is The Girlfriend, The Girlfriend’s Sprog, and I, and the locale is read more

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

Tomorrow – that would be Saturday, May 12th – is World Migratory Bird Day. Yep, already! So find your favorite world migratory birds, and treat them to dinner, or a movie, or maybe a day at the amusement park checking out the season’s new roller coasters. Whatever, just let them know you’re thinking about them.

Or I suppose you could just photograph some, or identify read more

Change of plans

Okay. So. The plan, which we’d had for close to a year, was to spend this past week down on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and we’d chosen this time to maximize the chances of seeing a sea turtle nest hatching out, because this is the season. So we watched the predictions read more