Not dead yet

Not me, or this pansy The Girlfriend planted in December

cultivated pansy Viola √ówittrockiana making an appearance
Not long after she planted them, we went through several long, bitterly cold snaps, the kind that kill potted plants because the cold can penetrate through the soil, and the visible portions did not look all that happy for quite a while afterward – indeed, they still don’t, but this blossom pushed through and, given how I’ve found very little else to shoot, it’s what we have right now.

Granted, I could have been out attempting to find other items of interest to post, but I’ve been digging into other projects for a bit. There’s an outing scheduled for today, and I may fetch out the microscope again and see what’s stirring in the waters around here – I know I found a bunch of tiny surface arthropods not long back and simply didn’t tackle them.

So, more’s on the way, but the archives are there too, if you’re that bored. Like, you know, gazing at the sublime beauty of this one