Shipping out

Yes, another month is kaput, and that means a photo dedicated solely to this, because it’s a tradition on the blog now and we all know how important such things are. That’s right, not at all even slightly a little bit. But we’re still gonna do it, as if extra-terrestrials aren’t watching us and shaking their cephalothoraxes.

blurred heron over twilight reflections on lake
Yeah, we’ve had similar before, but we’re gonna keep doing it until we get it right. This does at least come from this month, out on the lake because that’s largely the only place I’ve been to take photos, save the airshow. After the sun set, a lone great blue heron (Ardea herodias) cruised low over the water in the dimming light, and I panned with it to fire off a few frames. This is “creatively” cropped to camouflage the fact that the original was quite centered, which I completely ruined if you were actually reading this. It’s easy to keep secrets on a blog no one ever visits…

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