Not just yet

Been a little busy this week, without much time to even consider the blog, but that will change shortly – I have some video clips of cool stuff to edit together, and when I say they’re cool stuff, well, you’ve been warned…

Meanwhile, storms rolled in last night and the lightning tracker began going off, so I set up to see what would happen, which unfortunately wasn’t much:

time exposure after dusk looking for lightning
That’s the whole frame, which was just barely successful, and this was the best I got. You’ll have to look very close or, you know, keep scrolling down just a tad more:

faint trace of cloud-to-cloud lightning from same frame
That’s a crop from the center of the frame, showing that something was faintly visible. It was actually a little more visible than this, in person, because I was using a wider angle of 18mm, but still not impressive – most of the activity passed well north of us. However, while out there I was hearing the toads in their mating season, and watching several bats zipping past very close by, and had at least one beaver cruising the pond not ten meters away, all while pleasantly warm. This was the harbinger of the front moving in, and all those are gone now because it brought late-winter temperatures with it and far, far too much rain. So it’ll be a few days before we have conditions for more decent nature photos, which should give me plenty of time to edit the video. As long as I don’t get involved in other projects.

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