Lizard licks

Boy, this took too damn long…

I’ve had the video clips for several days now, and largely edited together for over a day. It took a lot longer than anticipated to get the voiceover done, but the real delay was in the rendering. The first version seemed a little large to me and I’d prefer to upload leaner, less space-consuming videos if I can, but Kdenlive just couldn’t handle making any changes to display size and crashed no less than five times, so I eventually had to go with the original, which is finally uploaded and ‘administered’ now (all the little doodads like tags and description and who can do what with it.) Thus:

Oh, you want a closer look? Yeah, I did a few frames.

pair of male Carolina anoles Anolis carolinensis with jaws locked in territorial dispute
If you look closely at the lower one, you can see the teeth along the edge of the jaw, but also surprisingly few injuries from this extended altercation. So you know, the body size of these ran roughly the size of your finger (not counting the tail, if possessed,) with the heads being perhaps 10-12mm in width.

All of this, by the way, was early in the week when the temperature topped 25°c and it was easy to believe it was summer. Then the front came through and made it easy to believe it was winter for several days, and the lizards and frogs all disappeared. Sheesh.

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