Tripod holes 20

tree festooned with Spanish moss Tillandsia usneoides on banks of Pamlico River, Goose Creek State Park, NC
N 35°27’39.05″ W 76°53’44.87″ Google Earth Location

Today we go all the way back to the day before yesterday, on the shores of Pamlico River within Goose Creek State Park – I can’t tell you what the tree is because I still haven’t looked that closely, but it’s decorated with Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) anyway. My brother and I were checking out new areas and found a handful of subjects to exploit therein, this particular one prompting me to get out the Tamron 10-24 ultra-wide to make the most of the branches and moss.

Much more interesting, however, is how much of a visible slope the Pamlico River maintains in that region as it drains east towards the Atlantic Ocean – the sun actually rises 20 minutes earlier at the farther end of the river than it does at the near end, solely because of this. You don’t even need a sail if you’re boating out, you can just coast, but returning is lot harder.

Okay, I can see you’re not buying that, but honestly, the camera was dead level when I took the pic – something must have happened in-camera…

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