No, no, October no home

Despite seeing the car in the driveway and lights on upstairs, we’re told that October has left the premises, and so we have no choice but to dig out the end-of-month abstract images to placate us. And what might these be, you say? [That was your cue, go ahead – time is money, sweetheart.] Why, they look a little something like this:

leaves of unidentified tree turning golden in early autumn
I should probably know what this tree is, seeing as how it’s right off the back of Walkabout Estates – crepe myrtle? I dunno, something, we’re not here for the botany, but for the abstractedness, of which is has a bare modicum, just like the number of images that I shot this month. Yet I will admit, more are coming, though they’re not more abstract than this, sorry. I was thinking about it this month, but no inspiration was coming nor tableaux presenting themselves.

Still, we have another.

osprey Pandion haliaetus nest in twisted pine silhouetted against sunrise colors along Jordan Lake
Between the sunrise light and thinner needles from the drought, the osprey nest was quite visible in the tree after having been almost invisible all summer – not occupied at this time, of course, but I liked the mimicry of the ‘typical’ African scene that always seems to pop up, at least in the states, though that’s generally an acacia tree on a plain and not a misshapen loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) on a lakeshore. This was as good as the sunrise colors got, too – well, maybe not, we’ll see in a short while.