I don’t date months under 30 days

It’s the last day of poor little underdeveloped February (wait, it’s not a leap year, is it? No, 2023, probably not,) and I shot nothing even remotely abstract all month. Granted, there wasn’t a bounty of things to shoot anyway, but here we are, making do with a frame taken not hours ago, heavily cropped to make it abstracty in some loose, Walkabout sense:

Hardly read more

Creeping ever closer

I think it really would be spring already, if the big weather systems would stop hurtling across the country and scaring it away. I’m going to berate everyone in states west of here for letting these hooligans get past them.

Yesterday the weather cleared and warmed again, and I did a small patrol of Walkabout Estates to see what was going on. I already knew the blue hyacinth read more