Well, it took a while…

… but not because it took this long. What I mean is, I kept setting it aside for a ‘good time to do it’ and finally got around to it the other evening, but when I did start it, it only took a little over an hour.

Am I talking about that online course in Communicating Effectively? How To Stop Procrastinating? Finding Compelling Winter Subjects? No, don’t be ridiculous – read more

Visibly different, part 53

I said this was coming, and had intended for it to be the last one of the year, but it ran longer than intended I wasn’t going to rush it, for reasons that will become obvious.

This began in early December when The Girlfriend was helping move her mother into a new home and brought back a box of family photos. Among them was an old 4×5 inch glass plate negative, broken sometime in the read more