Have I mentioned how much I like this lens?

Just a quick pic from tonight – more will be along, but probably not until it’s technically ‘tomorrow’ at least.

Anyway, inspecting the yard by headlamp, I came across a sleeping dragonfly, a blue dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) on one of the gardenia bushes.

Dragonflies cannot see well enough to hunt at night, plus they need a lot of heat for their wing muscles read more

I, uh… I’m gonna sit in the back now

Sometimes you wonder about your own mind. Or at least I do…

Here’s the story: My primary macro lens, for many years now, is a Mamiya-Sekor 80mm f4 Macro that was designed and intended for the Mamiya M645 series of medium-format cameras I couldn’t tell you exactly when my lens was made, but the system ran from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties. read more

I still love this lens

Or, The Ballad of an Equipment Experimenter.

Yesterday while the Irascible Mr Bugg and I were out in the woods arguing over lens changes, I spotted a flash of pale wings in the sun and followed them. Turned out to be a variety of grasshopper (one of the big ones, that I tend to call a locust) that had spooked at our approach but landed read more