Love is in the weeds

Went over to the neighborhood pond tonight because the frogs were sounding off exuberantly while I was chasing another subject back home (which you’ll see soon.) By the time I wrapped up what I was already doing and gave the headlamp a quick charge, the frogs had quieted down a bit. A spider was the first thing I photographed, but the second thing that I captured was a pair of eyes watching read more

More pleased than many would be

Trotted over to the neighborhood pond this evening to see if the sunset would pan out, and keep an eye open for wildlife, especially water snakes because it’s that time of the year. The sunset was total crud, but I was successful with one goal, anyway, finding a pair of northern water snakes (Nerodia sipedon sipedon) right smack in the path ahead of me. The light was fading fast but read more

One down, one to go

I’ve mentioned that I had a pair of photography goals – regarding the mantids, at least I have a few dozen photography goals overall. But with the mantids, there was a) mating, and b) laying the eggs, and as of this afternoon and evening, I can scratch one of those off the list.

Sorry, I should have given you more warning before popping that image up like that. But this read more

Reality aves

On one of the cloudier days out at North Topsail, before the rains came, I was walking out the walkway/deck towards the gazebo when I saw movement in the reeds nearby, and had the long lens in hand (with a camera attached, too!) so I could take advantage of it. Unlike the green herons in the area, this one was pretty blasé about my presence.

This is a willet (Tringa semipalmata,) read more