Profiles of Nature 46

We have a little secret to tell you: we’ve been taking it easy on you. We’ve rejected an awful lot of Profiles content that was way worse than what we’ve been publishing. Like, horrendous. So yeah, you’re welcome.

This week we have Atotoztli, here reenacting our sister that one time when she said she was “only going wading” – she wasn’t even visible read more

On this date 16

Oh, cool! Our first entry from this date comes from 2009, and way down in Sanibel Island, Florida, on so-far-the-only trip The Girlfriend and I have taken together to that state (which we must rectify soon.) We kinda missed our timing on this, we meaning “you and I in regards to this post,” because a day earlier we, meaning “The Girlfriend and I in Florida,” read more