Just once, part 2

That our next entry has only been featured once is no particular surprise, since it was found during my couple of years in Florida and wasn’t common to see then. But while poking around in the Indian River Lagoon, occasionally I would spot a long narrow fish darting away, always a fleeting glimpse, and eventually I managed to get a couple of ‘ehhh’ images read more

Tripod holes 52

N 26°20’19.30″ W 81°48’17.66″ Google Earth location

This one isn’t so much to show you a great place for photos, though it may work in that regard most of the appeal is the sky though, which can occur anywhere. More, this was another of those self-challenges that I get up to, seeing if I can pinpoint a location that I visited just once in passing.

I’m pretty read more

Tripod holes 48

This one’s for Mr Bugg, who is likely to be pretty damn close to this spot in about a week or so.

N 26°27’10.73″ W 82° 7’33.94″ Google Earth location

Accuracy? I sincerely doubt it. But I was somewhere along Indigo Trail in JN “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island, Florida when I took these frames, and that’s close enough, especially read more

Tripod holes 45

N 28°39’27.03″ W 80°45’16.04″ Google Earth location

This particular one was easy to pin down, since it was taken right at the entrance to Black Point Wildlife Drive within Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in (ready for this astounding coincidence?) Merritt Island, Florida. This read more

Tripod holes 39

N 25°56’36.64″ W 81°28’12.33″ Google Earth location

There was no question that this one was going to enter the lineup, and I purposefully stalled it to appear today, within two days of its 24th anniversary. This is on slide film so I only have the date developed, but I remember this trip fairly well and know I was further north on this date, because reasons – read more

Tripod holes 36

N 25° 1’56.73″ W 80°30’14.18″ Google Earth location

It’s easy to think that it’s almost a waste of time providing this location, because nothing like this brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) is likely to be found there 99% of the time, but this may not be true this was taken within the read more

Tripod holes 32

N 26°28’46.36″ W 80° 8’30.05″ Google Earth location

This location’s pretty precise, because I remember distinctly where I was when I spotted the bird. In fact, this represents the only time that I’ve ever spotted a Wilson’s snipe (Gallinago delicata) in the wild – there remains a slim chance that I encountered one while working in read more

Tripod holes 27

N 28°47’57.33″ W 82°35’16.94″ Google Earth location

This plot is as close as I can get it with the trees in the way, though if I was there again I could tell you within a half-meter. Not that it matters, because you might see something similar from many different spots, and anyway this particular model is likely not still waiting there.This is a North American manatee (Trichechus read more

Tripod holes 23

N 26°28’51.77″ W 82°10’54.85″ Google Earth Location

The precision of this one is up for grabs, but also not really necessary. The beaches of Sanibel Island are particularly known as some of the best ‘shelling’ beaches of the US, likely because of the particular geography of the island as well as the biology/ecology off the coast there. But exact locations likely read more

Resting on my laurels

Well, it’s safe to say that I’m not reporting from a National Wildlife Refuge right now, despite the anniversary – it’s cold and not worth a special trip at all. I’ll make up for it some time this summer.

But for the sake of it, we’ll have a couple of photos from wildlife refuges, or actually just one refuge, which is read more

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