Work in progress, be patient

I mentioned, just over a week ago, coming back from a trip, and that I’d be following up on that clue as to where. So before I continue, I offer the above photo as another clue, to let you guess again (or stick with your original answer.)

All set? Want to examine the photo for more details? Those aren’t palms, so despite the impression, there’s no actual indication that it was semi-tropical. read more

Peace or piece?

This is an observation that’s been lurking in the back of my mind for some time now, and I finally decided to set it down in detail. It is sure to make quite a few religious people get defensive, but the point is, that’s probably inevitable.

Let’s start with the simple aspect, and I’m going to fall back onto my old favorite, gravity (as well as subtle but terrible puns, it read more

It doesn’t matter

This is another after-effect of the debate I mentioned earlier, and is closely related to the comments I made therein. The image here is one of those shamelessly forwarded, reposted, and unattributed “memes” that can be found everywhere, and I feature it reluctantly because the photos therein read more

Bully for you!

I have a list of topics to address in posts someday, and within them is one about the difference between bullying and criticism. I was reminded of it with a recent interchange between Jerry Coyne and Deepak Chopra, and so…

Deepak Chopra is the shining god of the pseudoscience, new age, mystical reality, mushrooms-lead-to-higher-consciousness crowd, a guy who trades on his MD to try and convince read more