Profiles of Nature 23

Has it been a week already? Boy, time flies when you’re dreading something, doesn’t it? So today we meet Adelgiso, demonstrating that full-bodied mousse and cleaning out the shed do not go together. Adelgiso is a dancer, to no one’s surprise, specializing in performing interpretive dances to repair manuals and Ikea instructions most people agree read more

Logistics, logistics

I said in the previous post that more would be coming “in a day or so” after I worked out some details. “Or so” apparently means “five days.” However, that’s nowhere near how long I’ve been waiting.

Back in 2010, I snagged a pair of images of a small unknown insect, one that flew away before I could do anything detailed, and this was before I had the read more

Meaningless milestone number, uh, whatever…

Today, I shot the 50,000th image on the old Canon 300D/Digital Rebel. That is, since I’ve had it, anyway – I got it secondhand, so from its own personal standpoint, well, I got nothing, since it’s a piece of electronic equipment and doesn’t have a personal standpoint.

Mind you, this is not the 50,000th image I’ve taken, because I passed that long ago, nor the 50,000th read more

Mad, you say?

In honor of the day, I present to you an image from a few weeks ago, while I was trying to get decent photographs of a tiny thread-legged assassin bug, Stenolemus lanipes. I thought the pattern on the abdomen could be considered appropriate.

Though I admit, now that The Girlfriend’s Younger Sprog pointed out the ‘horns’ to me, which I’d missed at first, I now can’t help read more