Who am I kidding?

As Hurricane Ian passed through the area, we fared pretty well overall – we’re far enough inland and, even though it passed closer than all predictions up until less than a day ahead of time, it had lost most of its energy by the time it hit central NC. We heard gusting winds from time to time, but not terribly fierce, and all that dropped in the yard were small branches (and acorns read more


Well, I did get out to chase turtles for World Turtle Day, and I present proof:

Hey, listen, even I’m saying, “Really? This?” But here’s the deal: There are tons of turtles in the neighborhood pond, which is no challenge at all, so I figured I’d make the effort to photograph a species that I hadn’t seen in a while, read more

Podcast: Need a do-over

Did you ever wonder about the site title, “Wading-In Photography,” and the emphasis on sandals and water and all that?

It’s because I like things shallow.

On an unrelated note, here’s a podcast:

Walkabout podcast – Not A Vacation

Yeah, it could definitely have been read more

Little bites. Maybe

As intimated in the previous post, we just got back from a week’s stay at the beach, and of course this will be covered in excruciating detail. However, I think I may take a different approach this time, doing shorter posts of singular topics – which means more posts, but of fewer words at a time. Or at least I’ll try this is me read more