Well, I did get out to chase turtles for World Turtle Day, and I present proof:

Hey, listen, even I’m saying, “Really? This?” But here’s the deal: There are tons of turtles in the neighborhood pond, which is no challenge at all, so I figured I’d make the effort to photograph a species that I hadn’t seen in a while, read more

Podcast: Need a do-over

Did you ever wonder about the site title, “Wading-In Photography,” and the emphasis on sandals and water and all that?

It’s because I like things shallow.

On an unrelated note, here’s a podcast:

Walkabout podcast – Not A Vacation

Yeah, it could definitely have been read more

Little bites. Maybe

As intimated in the previous post, we just got back from a week’s stay at the beach, and of course this will be covered in excruciating detail. However, I think I may take a different approach this time, doing shorter posts of singular topics – which means more posts, but of fewer words at a time. Or at least I’ll try this is me read more