The anticipation is killing me!

No, not christmas, though I am looking forward to that, because we have this tradition of reenacting giving birth in a rickety food trough full of hay while curious sheep keep nosing around, and it’s hilarious – it takes talent to adequately produce Joseph’s expression of being cuckolded by a deity. No, not winter season, because fuck that. No, not even the eventual effective rebuilding of the Walkabout Studios computer suite – well, no, yes, I really am looking forward to that, if only for the cessation of time-consuming, headache-inducing actions (you try formatting drives and copying 800+Gb of information, repeatedly because there’s an intentional amount of redundancy among drives, only to find that something isn’t working again. Repeatedly.)

Instead, I’m referring to the next post, and let me tell you about that. Whatever follows will tie me for the record number of posts that I’ve made in a year, and the next photo you see here will be the 1,000th photo for the year (blowing the previous record so far out of the water it enters orbit.)

Now, this amazing coincidence could only take place if, uh, this interim post existed, which only demonstrates extremely bad planning on my part; next year I will endeavor to know exactly what will post and when, the photos I will obtain throughout the year and the topics that will present themselves. According to all scientific principles, there is nothing truly random so this is possible if I try hard enough. For instance, this year I was remiss in not investigating how many new parking lots were being produced across the country, so I wasn’t up-to-date on the air-mass heating this would produce and thus the affect on the rain storms and subsequent affect on the development of the autumn color change. Slack, I know.

This lack of foresight extends to not even knowing what that photo will be, though I have several candidates, but this means I can’t even drop hints if I wanted to. Will it be old? Will it be brand new? Will it even be mine? I can’t say! Isn’t it delicious?

And of course, I milked a post out of an upcoming post, which demonstrates my amateur status as a blogger, but so does my not getting a goddamn cent for any of this, so…

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