Well, it’s my 500th post, provided you ignore some deleted update markers and having to rebuild the blog long ago when the last software failed to perform, and the idea that everything I write goes through a few drafts. But anyway, it’s an important milestone, since it’s halfway to 1,000 posts, which is where I actually get readers, right? Nice round number, a multiple of the number of fingers we have but otherwise not as nicely divisible as binary-based systems…

Anyway, in honor of this remarkable achievement of self-absorption, I’m simply going to redirect you to The Oatmeal, who takes a subject I’ve covered earlier (mostly by redirecting to someone else then, too) and tackles it in his own inimitable way. Or maybe not, since I can’t remember what ‘inimitable’ means – I think it means either inscrutable or ineffable.

Whatever. Go here. It’s cool.

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