Missed a meaningless milestone

juvenile green treefrog Hyla cinerea clinging to stalk
You know how you look down at the odometer of your car and realize that you just missed seeing it turn over some major rounded number, like 100,000 kilometers or something? Well, this is nothing at all like that.

Okay, no, it kinda is, because you’re looking at the 50,000 image that I shot on the Canon 30D. Five years ago I announced much the same thing on the old DReb, and it’s the same kind of circumstances too: camera that I bought used, so who knows how many actual frames it’s been used for, but here’s my count. And yes, I know that the counter resets and skips from 9999 to 0001 instead of 0000; this is actually frame number 50005 to compensate for this oversight on Canon’s part (I append an extra digit on the front to help keep my image numbering in reasonable order.)

Though we didn’t really just miss this, because it occurred a while ago now, but here’s the creepy part: this 50,000th image was shot on the fifth day of the fifth month of – … well, that’s as far as that goes.

But what are the chances?!?!?!

Oh, just a tad under 1 in 365, to be honest. Regardless, I missed bringing this to your attention when it actually happened, and for that I’m truly barely sorry at all. Postwise, May was a little slow, at least until later in the month, so I could have used the content I suppose. I suspect I didn’t even do the renumbering until a bit later on, and that’s when I would have noticed the change from 4 to 5, and it’s even possible that I was busy with other things at the time – not everything that I do is reflected here. I mean, I could potentially be leading this intriguing and exotic life, and I’m just not at liberty to discuss it here. You’ve heard of the people whose social media profile was all an elaborate ruse, painting them as far more interesting than they really were? So it doesn’t stretch the imagination to believe that the opposite exists, where nonsense blog posts and scores of the same kind of photos disguise a remarkably fascinating persona. Right?

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