Call it therapy

Sunrise at Indian Harbor Beach Florida
In years past I’ve done a gallery of my “Best of the Year” images, or various shots I’d edited for blog use but never posted; this year I’m doing something different for the year’s end. Largely because the weather has been dismal around here, and much the same for large portions of the country – indeed, probably most of the northern hemisphere – I’m just going to present a feast of bright colors. No text or explanation, only the visuals.

Hearts-a-bursting blossomAll of these, with one exception [didn’t I just say, “No text”?], are from this year – the exception is the first one above, since I didn’t have any sunrise shots for the gallery and haven’t gotten any in a while. That one is, like, eleven years old or so, from Florida. Most of the rest are plants, because that’s where I find the colors.

dewdrops on yellow crocus

snow on pampas grass against blue sky

mantis on daylily

amaranth I think...

gold autumn leaves

crocus pollen

katydid on rose

got me - little orange flowers

crepe myrtle blossoms

green treefrog on pondederia

leaves on rippling blue water

skipper under lily

yellow pond flower

orange rose closeup

juvenile green anole closeup

Happy New Year, everyone!

P.S. I just have to say, I’m really pleased with how that green anole above came out. They’re small lizards to begin with, and this was a juvenile about half adult size, small enough to sit comfortably on your thumb; the head was about the length of your thumbnail. It was a wild specimen in the botanical garden, and getting that much detail, handheld in natural light… well, I’ve missed my share of shots in those conditions. So yeah, I’m happy.